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Biological DOP olive oil

Biological Lametia DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Produced by pressing 100% of our Calabrian olives

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Quality control of the Biological Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Lametia is guaranteed by a certification body by proxy of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, which issues the DOP certification and authorizes the packaging of the product.
The olive harvest takes place in the period from October to December, exclusively from the tree with mechanical means equipped with an interceptor umbrella. The subsequent milling phase takes place during the same day in the company oil mill, in order to obtain a better quality profile of the final product.

Characteristic data of our olive grove
Total area: 52 ha, of which 35 ha olive groves
Number of plants: about 7,000 (4,000 secular and 3,000 with an average age of 25)
Altitude: 250 m. above sea level
Distance from the coast: about 15 km
Exposure: South
Cultivars present: Carolea 99.9% pollinator Nocellara Messinese O, l%
Training system: Vase
Harvest time: veraison
Harvesting method: Mechanical with shaker with interceptor umbrella
Transformation: Continuous cycle company crusher with cold extraction system within 24 hours of collection
Storage: In stainless steel tanks with nitrogen head in a conditioned room
Average olive production: 3,500 quintals of olives of which 50% are destined for D.O.P. Lametia
Average oil production: 700 quintals of oil, of which 50% is for D.O.P. Lametia
Bottling and packaging: In the company plant

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