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Our work

The passion with which the earth is cultivated and the dedication, which is reserved for it, derive from the love and respect they nurture for it. Without ever looking at it with the eyes of technology, we limit ourselves to its use; while today man, exercising the power of dominion over it, goes as far as his wear

The Gabella estate

Located in the countryside of Pianopoli, it extends for 45 hectares, of which 27 are olive-grove with a single variety Carolea, in a single business unit surrounded by Mediterranean scrub woods, it is one of the two land bodies that make up the Azienda Gaetano. The average altitude is 240 m. above sea level; the exhibition is oriented towards South-Southwest; the inclined position with a more or less pronounced slope; the distance from the sea is about 15 km

The Valle del Romito estate

Located in the municipality of Feroleto Antico, it has an area of ​​about 5 hectares of olive groves with Carolea monovariety. The average altitude is 270 m. above sea level; the exhibition is oriented towards the south; the inclined position with a more or less pronounced slope; the distance from the sea is about 12 km

The production philosophy

The production philosophy of the Gaetano company is based on the belief that extra virgin olive oil is, by far, the most authentic expression of the territory in which it is produced. Respect for this prerogative translates into constant attention and meticulous attention to every detail of the production process. The choice to use certified natural methods, together with the care and passion, constitutes the fundamental prerequisites for obtaining products of excellent quality.
All phases of the entire production chain are performed, directly and scrupulously, within the company. Within 12 hours of harvesting, carried out with a shaker equipped with an interceptor umbrella, the olives are pressed into the own oil mill; in this way we obtain a cold-extracted oil with extraordinary chemical-physical and organoleptic data which is bottled after a short period of decantation in stainless steel silos with a nitrogen head.
“Quality”, an essential component of the company philosophy, is therefore the fundamental element of olive production guaranteed by the Lametia DOP and Biologico brands..

Olive oils

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Le Carolee Lametia DOP Organic with a green color, with straw-yellow reflections is rich in polyphenols, has a medium fruity, bitter and spicy taste, with prevalent herbaceous sensations and light hints of fresh almond, artichoke and tomato, It is therefore pleasant to all palates and enhances the organoleptic characteristics typical of the Carolea cultivar.


Here you can download the brochure, in PDF format, of our company, of the production philosophers, the products and their characteristics

Le Carolee
Contrada Gabella, 1
Pianopoli, CZ, Italy